Isolation, Production and Application of Bacterial Pectinase for Industrial Use

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Apple juice clarification, enzyme, fruit juice, gram's staining, lime juice, pectinase


Production of microbial enzymes at the industrial scale and their commercialization has gained a lot of focus and importance. Some of the industrially important enzymes from microbial origin include lipases, amylases, proteases, xylynases, pectinases etc. The objective of the study was production and application of bacterial pectinase for industrial use (clarification of fruit juices). Here the isolation of microorganism and characterization was done, then pectinase assay was performed and finally fruit juice was clarified using this enzyme. Here decayed orange peel was used as the sample and it was collected from a local market, South Kalamsseri- Cochin. The collected decayed orange part was subjected to serial dilution in order to isolate the organism. The dilutions were then plated on appropriate media (pecin agar media) and spread plate was performed. After the incubation time, colonies with zone were obtained which showed the production of pectinase enzyme. These isolated colonies were then inoculated to the petri plate containing pectin agar media and streak plate was performed. After 24 h incubation, the isolated colonies were subjected to Gram's staining. It was Gram negative bacilli. The biochemical characterization (IMViC test) was done and VP Citrate tests were positive. Then the colonies were inoculated in Pectinase Production Broth. After 24 h incubation, the media was centrifuged for the isolation of enzymes. The enzyme assay was done by titration technique and the enzyme activity was found to be 0.78 U. This isolated enzyme was used for the clarification of apple juice and lime juice. According to the findings obtained from the study, the clarification of fruit juice by the use of bacterial pectinase is most cost effective and yield good results for industrial use.


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Mohan, N., & Prabhat, A. (2018). Isolation, Production and Application of Bacterial Pectinase for Industrial Use. The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 55(4), 442–454.



Original Articles
Received 2018-08-29
Accepted 2018-08-30
Published 2018-10-09



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