Ameliorative Effect of Spirulina platensis and Erythrina variegata on Oxidative Stress in Imidacloprid Intoxicated White Leghorn Cockerels

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  • GBPUAT, Pantnagar ,IN
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Imidacloprid, Erythrina variegata, Spirulina platensis, Oxidative, Cockerels.


The present experiment was conducted to evaluate the ameliorative efficacy of Erythrina variegata leaf powder (EVLP) and Spirulina platensis (SP, Blue green algae) as feed additives on antioxidant parameters following simultaneous administration of imidacloprid for 60 days in white leghorn cockerels. Forty two white leghorn cockerels weighing 250-275 g of 4-6 months age were selected for this study. Cockerels were divided equally and randomly into six groups T1 to T6 and fed on as control (T1), Spirulina platensis @ 0.2% (T2); imidacloprid @ 50 ppm (T3); Spirulina platensis @ 0.2% plus imidacloprid @ 50 ppm (T4); Erythrina variegata leaf powder (1%) (T5); and Erythrina variegata leaf powder (1%) plus imidacloprid @ 50 ppm (T6) for 60 days. Blood samples were collected at 0, 30 and 60 days interval, tissue samples were collected at the end of the study. A significant (P<0.05) decline in RBC catalase and SOD, and an increase in LPO in RBC, liver, kidney and testes was observed in imidacloprid treated group which returned to normalcy following simultaneous medication with SP and EVLP in T4 and T6 groups after 60 days. Findings of this study indicated that administration of imidacloprid @ 50 ppm in feed for 60 days produced oxidative stress which was ameliorated following simultaneous dietary supplementation of Spirulina platensis and Erythrina variegate @ 0.2% and 1%, respectively. Further, Spirulina platensis was more potent in reversing the oxidative stress induced toxic effects in cockerels.


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