Aim and Scope

Focus and Scope of Journal

Toxicology International publishes full-length original research papers, research review and short communications that involve a broad spectrum of toxicology. Manuscripts are considered according to their relevance to the journal on the subject of toxicology of xenobiotics (drugs, pesticides, environmental contaminants etc.) and its mitigations/mitigation strategy. Research include both in vivo and in vitro, descriptive and mechanistic that demonstrates the risk assessment of toxic agent exposure. Journal extend its scope by considering the articles describing the source, transport, fate and effects of environmental contaminants on health. The contaminants of different medium air, water, sediments and biota, their fate and behavior on environment. Further, their effects on the human and animal health and other organism. The journal equally covers novel research finding on contaminant monitoring and occupational exposure or toxicity testing of chemicals that required for regulatory requirement. Toxicology International provides the platform for timely publication of scientific finding with multidisciplinary approaches in the field of pathophysiology and molecular mechanisms, biochemistry, environmental science and all other branches of toxicology.