Soil Contamination with Toxic Aluminum at Mid and West Libya

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Mid and West Libya and Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA), Soil Contamination, Toxic Aluminum


The current study aimed to assessment the soil contamination by toxic Aluminum (Al). The soil samples were collected from Mid and West in Libya, which received man activity waste soil generated from Industrial and Transportation action. The presence of hazardous materials was determined using Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA). The results revealed that the soil samples obtained from four samples mid and west Libya (Qarabulli 6821 mg/kg), (Sokna 1065 mg /kg), (Qaddahia 9761 mg/ kg) and (Khums 4726 mg/kg). The concentrations of Aluminum ranged kg to 9761. mg/ kg. The presences of this toxic element in the environment represent high adverse effects on human health, since they might be accumulated in the plants tissue and then transmit into human via food chain.


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Algattawi, A. A., Fayez-Hassan, M., & Khalil, E. (2019). Soil Contamination with Toxic Aluminum at Mid and West Libya. Toxicology International, 25(4), 198–203.
Received 2019-05-23
Accepted 2019-09-05
Published 2019-10-22



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