Effects on Oxidative Balance and Acetlycholinesterase in Liver and Brain of Rats Dermally Exposed to Bifenthrin


The present study was aimed to appraise the oxidative stress potential of bifenthrin and its effects on acetylcholinesterase in liver and brain of wistar rats after its repeated dermal application for a period of 30 days. The rats were divided into four groups with six rats in each group. Group I and III served as control and were applied with distilled water @ 1.8ml/Kg/day where as the animals of group II and IV were dermally applied with bifenthrin @ 45mg/Kg/day for 20 and 30 days respectively. Significant increase in MDA levels was observed in liver and brain homogenates after 20th and 30th day of dermal treatment. Significant decrease in SOD was observed both in liver and brain after 20th and 30th day. GPx decreased significantly after 30th day in liver and after 20th and 30th day in brain. The activities of GST and CAT decreased significantly in liver and brain both after 20th and 30th days of dermal application. Non-significant decrease in AchE was observed in liver and brain homogenates.


Bifenthrin, Liver, Brain, Oxidative Stress, Acetyl-Cholinesterase, Rats.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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