Dose"‘Dependent Olanzapine"‘Induced Myoclonus

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Dose"‘dependent, myoclonus, olanzapine


Second"‘generation antipsychotics (SGA), mainly clozapine have been reported to induce myoclonus. Although olanzapine"‘induced myoclonus is reported, dose"‘dependent response has not been described. We report dose"‘related olanzapine"‘induced myoclonus in an early onset schizophrenia patient. We also suggest certain management strategies for such adverse side effects.


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Krishna Tikka, S., Pratap, A., & Kumar Sinha, V. (2018). Dose"‘Dependent Olanzapine"‘Induced Myoclonus. Toxicology International, 21(3), 335–336. Retrieved from
Received 2018-04-27
Accepted 2018-04-27
Published 2018-06-04



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