CFD numerical simulation of internal flow field in fuel tank during large-flow rapid refuelling process

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Numerical simulation, VOF model, internal flow field, large-flow rapid refuelling process, CFD


With the gradual improvement of modern social life, more and more attentions are attracted to higher efficiency of refuelling process. However, large flow rapid refuelling process may result in unexpected turbulence and violating the safety standards. Since there are a few of existing literature researches the internal flow field in fuel tank during large flow rapid refuelling process, this paper carried out numerical simulation research for the gas-liquid twophase flow in oil tank under the condition of vertical refuelling and tilting filling in that circumstance, and devoted to research characteristics of the flow field inside the fuel tank and the cause of the foam formation under different fuelling conditions by using CFD software. The result of this study was of certain reference value to solve the problems of large foam and turbulence in flow field during large flow rapid refuelling process.


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Chen, C., Zhang, S., Han, Z., Guo, J., Zhang, Q., & Zhang, D. (2021). CFD numerical simulation of internal flow field in fuel tank during large-flow rapid refuelling process. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 66(2), 135–142.
Received 2021-07-23
Accepted 2021-07-23
Published 2021-07-23



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