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About the Journal

Editor : P. K. Chanda
Print ISSN : 0022-2755
Frequency : Monthly
Published since : 1952
Publisher/s : Informatics Publishing Limited and Books & Journals Private Ltd.

Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, published by Books & Journals Private Limited since 1952, is a globally distributed & academic journal which is focused to serve the scientific research fraternity for the advancement and development by providing unique and peer reviewed research papers. JMMF welcomes and encourages authors with their papers to be published encompassing the fields and related fields of earth science majorly covering the key subject areas of mining, fuels, minerals, metallurgical and metal industries, broadly core and non-core mining. JMMF aims at publishing original and one of a kind research works, that highlights the latest trends of scientific and technical studies. JMMF, a monthly journal publishes adequate number of multi level assessed articles that are dedicated to serve the newest trends of technology and innovations in the field of mining and also into the allied science of fuels, metals, metallurgical sciences. The journal publishes articles, which are based on recent technical developments that facilitate the advancement of mining science and sustainable mining strategies and ethics.

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Current Issue

Volume 70, Issue 10A, October 2022
Published: 2023-03-15


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