Finite element analysis on deformation and stress distributions of double-wall oil tank under double supports installation mode

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Numerical simulation, stress distribution, double-wall oil tank, double supports installation mode


The double-wall oil tank is more and more widely used in filling station due to the characteristics of corrosion protection, safety and economy. However, the outer tank of SF double oil tank has thinner wall thickness and lower strength, improper installation method may cause damage to the tank. In this paper, a simplified finite element model of double tank is established according to the structural characteristics of SF double-wall oil tank. Focusing on the 20 m3, 30 m3 and 50 m3 oil tanks which are widely used in the current gas stations, the deformation and stress distribution of the oil tanks under different bearing width and support position are calculated by ANSYS software respectively. Taking the 30 m3 oil tank as an example, the deformation, stress distribution characteristics and the influence of the bearing support position on the stress distribution are analyzed in detail, which would provide guidance for selecting the reasonable size and position of supporting bearing under double supports installation mode.


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Chen, C., Zhang, S., Song, S., Zhang, Q., Guo, J., & Yu, B. (2021). Finite element analysis on deformation and stress distributions of double-wall oil tank under double supports installation mode. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 66(2), 102–115.
Received 2021-07-23
Accepted 2021-07-23
Published 2021-07-23



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