Effects of Dried Poultry Manure on Egg Quality

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  • I. V. R. I., Izat Nagar ,IN
  • I. V. R. I., Izat Nagar ,IN


Various laboratories in India and abroad have favoured the use of this material in the rations of different livestocks and poultry. From the review of literature available it appears that properly processed poultry manure presents no health hazard to poultry product consumers or to poultry itself. The Indian interest in the use of Dried Poultry Manure (DPM) originates from our necessity of lowering feed cost and the utilization of economical and divergent sources of feed ingredients which have so far remained untapped. Sinha et al reported that poultry manure can be included in starter ration successfully upto 15 to 20 per cent. However, informations concerning the effects of ADPM diets on egg quality need to be gathered. The present experiment, therefore, was an assessment to find out the feasibility of ADPM inclusion in layer rations.


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