• Volume 24, Issue 2, February 2024

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    The February 2024 issue 2 contains three review articles, two short reviews, ten research articles, two short communication and three case reports.

    There are review articles on tricetin and tricin, Hernandia nymphaeifolia, and a novel medical system of combining medicinal plants with electro-homeopathy. The short reviews include articles on phytosomes and Kombucha tea.

    There are research articles on phytochemical analysis of Polyalthia longifolia, efficacy of Chatuprasrutik basti in oligospermia, turmocin in the management of wounds, fistula, fissures and haemorrhoids, isolation and formulation of ursolic acid from Nerium oleander, in vitro and in silico studies on components from Morinda citrifolia leaf extract, Sinapis alba for status epilepticus, Crocus sativus nano emulsion for cognitive impairment, effect of coconut palm sugar in experimental diabetic rats, standardisation of Phalatrikadi ghana vati, and the effect of Moringa concanensis on anemic rats.

    There are short communications on the effect of quercetin on the intestinal carbohydrases activity and formulatin of polyherbal tooth paste along with its evaluation. Moreover, there are also one ayurvedic and two siddha system of medicine based case reports.

  • Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2024

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    The January 2024 issue 1 contains three review articles, four short reviews, seven research articles, one short communication and five case reports.

    There are review articles on Ipomoea carnea, Cocos nucifera and the potential of herbal therapy for PCOD. The short reviews include the role of Lekhaniya and Vachadi gana in childhood obesity, role of alkaloids in the signaling pathways of cholangiocarcinoma, role of curcumin in gastric carcinoma and phytoremediation for petrochemical contaminated soil.

    There are research articles on different processing methods of barley, Cissampelos sympodialis leaves tea for the treatment of anxiety and depression, inhalation therapy of Clerodendrum serratum extract for asthma in rats, Solanum nigrum berries for alopecia, anthelmintic potential of Amaranthus tricolor and Amaranthus viridi, Achyranthes bidentata root extract as insecticide, and the potential of Clitoria ternatea ethanol extract for type 2 diabetes mellitus in rats. There is also a short communication on the antimicrobial efficacy of a polyherbal combination for the management of UTI. Moreover, there are also three ayurvedic and two siddha system of medicine based case reports.

  • Volume 23 Issue 4 October 2023

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    This issue 4 of volume 23 contains 10 review articles, 06 short reviews, 12 research articles, 05 short communications and 07 case reports.

    There are review articles on Vitex negundo, Sonneratia apetala, Basella alba, probiotics, camel milk, flavonoids, orchids in Ayurveda, herbs for diabetic nephropathy and rheumatoid arthritis. Short reviews include the various samskara, benefits of spices, remedies for onychomycosis and osteoporosis, Siddha approach in diabetic nephropathy and a comparative study of grasses. Current issue has research articles on effects of various ayurvedic formulations on periodontitis and diabesity, in silico analysis of Citrus aurantium and Thurunji manapagu, studies on thymol, tyrosine ammonia lyase, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, Convolvulus scammonia, curcumin and ascorbic acid formulation. It also includes research articles on aromatherapy, in vitro studies on fulvic and humic acid, greenness assessment of antioxidants and a HPLC method for eugenol and scopoletin. The short communications are on Ziziphus jujuba, Malus domestica, Musa granatum, Emblica officinalis and Vithu Vagai Chooranam. There is 06 and 01 case reports related to Ayurveda and Siddha treatment respectively included in this issue. We are also happy to inform that Journal of Natural Remedies will be published monthly from volume 24.

  • Volume 23 Issue 3 July 2023

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    The issue 3 of volume 23 contains, 6 reviews, 6 short reviews, 18 research articles, 4 case reports and 6 short communications.

    The are reviews about health promoting sea weeds, Alpinia zerumbet, traditional medicines on asthma, β-sitosterol for Alzheimer’s disease, immunomodulatory flavonoids and herbs in the management of hepatic health. It includes short reviews on Gongura, traditional medicines for psoriasis, herbal cognition enhancement, oxyresveratrol for neurodegenerative diseases, AYUSH medicines in oral and gut health. There are research articles including studies of Corchorus depressus for wound healing, Phalatrikadi Vati in type II diabetes, chromatographic methods for linoleic acid and beta-sitosterol, sarsasapogenin, Apium graveolens extract to reduced CVDs, computational analysis of phytochemicals for treatment of breast cancer, Narasimha rasayana for reducing testosterone deficiency, quercetin and Clematis buchananiana for diabetic nephropathy. There are four case reports on Ayurveda and Siddha based treatments. The short communications include antibacterial studies, in silico analysis, wound healing studies, development of antidandruff shampoo, microalgae cultivation and dill seed tea effect on lactation.

  • Volume 23, Issue 2, April 2023

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    The issue 2 of volume 23 contains, 4 reviews, 6 short reviews, 20 research articles, 6 case reports and 4 short communications.

    There are reviews on Cardiospermum halicacabum, ayurvedic formulations for the management of inflammatory bowel diseases, herbs for the management of hyperlipidemia and deuterium to combat microbial resistance. Short reviews include the topics like, diosgenin, plethora, Kappaphycus alvarezii, Spilanthes acmella, antidiabetic herbal remedies and flavonoids for the treatment of anxiety.

    There are research articles about the genotoxicity assessment of Terminalia arjuna bark, anti-hepatotoxic effect of Glinus lotoides, effect of Gymnema sylvestre extract on insulin resistance, pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity of Flacourtia inermis fruits, effect of wedelolactone and cisplatin on ovarian cancer cell lines, antihyperlipidemic activity of Ougeinia oojeinensis, 5α-reductase inhibitory potential of Hibiscus, antioxidant activities of Tanacetum dolicophyllum and Alstonia scholar, formulation of anti-inflammatory polyherbal gel, herbal excipient for fungal infection cream and efficient drinking water treatment technique. There are also research articles on the Indian system of medicines that include, a matched case-control study on Amavata, behavioral analysis of the dosha pattern, impact of Kaphalabhati and Nadi Shodhana, characterization of cow urine powder, antidiabetic activity of Vasant Kusumakar Ras, molecular docking studies on Vishasura Kudineer, Roghan Mālish for the treatment of joint pain and a clinical study of an Unani formulation for dermatomycoses.

    There are Ayurveda and Siddha treatment based case reports on alopecia universalis, kidney stones, polycystic ovarian syndrome, palmo-plantar pustulosis, Garbhashayhat vata and Athara ratthathontham. The topics of short communications are on Lavandula stoechas, Bacopa monnieri, Zingiber officinale and cow urine.

  • Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2023

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    The issue 1 of 2023 contains, 6 Reviews (including the Short Reviews), 18 Research Articles, 1 Case Study and 4 Short Communications.

    The Review Articles include the combination of phytoconstituents and metal complexes for the treatment of tuberculosis. Reviews on corn silk, Ceriops tagal and hepato-protective medicinal plants are published in the current issue. Another review talks about the chemopreventive potential of phytoestrogens in cancer.

    Standardization of herbal products are most important; the Research article section includes the analytical method development for Cinnamon bark extract, Jmodadi churna, Moringa concanensis leaves, Tulsi and Parijat churna, p-Cymene, Aloe-emodin and Kabasura kudineer. Anti-venom property of Jeerakadi lepa; cytotoxic effects of Cascabela thevetia and Plumeria alba latex; neuroprotective potential of Solanum giganteum leaves; antiviral effect of Momordica charantia extract; formulation of silver nanoparticles using Lantana camara leaves; immunity related study of Camphora; anti-microbial activity of Holotelea integrifolia; structural elucidation of an anti-Pseudomonas compound from Eucalyptus tereticornis; ursolic acid cream with anti-psoriatic effect; Aegle marmelos polymer in sustained release tablets; sublingual film of curcumin micelles and microalgae for water recycling are the research based articles published in this issue.

    A Case Study on Ayurvedic management of PCV is also published in this issue. The Short Communications published include the cognition enhancing effect of Glycerrhiza glabra; toxicity study of nano powder of stem bark of Bauhinia Variegata; antibiofilm activity of methanol leaf extract of Azadirachta indica and the interactions of high diluted Homeopathic drugs with human serum albumin.

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