Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2023

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The issue 1 of 2023 contains, 6 Reviews (including the Short Reviews), 18 Research Articles, 1 Case Study and 4 Short Communications.

The Review Articles include the combination of phytoconstituents and metal complexes for the treatment of tuberculosis. Reviews on corn silk, Ceriops tagal and hepato-protective medicinal plants are published in the current issue. Another review talks about the chemopreventive potential of phytoestrogens in cancer.

Standardization of herbal products are most important; the Research article section includes the analytical method development for Cinnamon bark extract, Jmodadi churna, Moringa concanensis leaves, Tulsi and Parijat churna, p-Cymene, Aloe-emodin and Kabasura kudineer. Anti-venom property of Jeerakadi lepa; cytotoxic effects of Cascabela thevetia and Plumeria alba latex; neuroprotective potential of Solanum giganteum leaves; antiviral effect of Momordica charantia extract; formulation of silver nanoparticles using Lantana camara leaves; immunity related study of Camphora; anti-microbial activity of Holotelea integrifolia; structural elucidation of an anti-Pseudomonas compound from Eucalyptus tereticornis; ursolic acid cream with anti-psoriatic effect; Aegle marmelos polymer in sustained release tablets; sublingual film of curcumin micelles and microalgae for water recycling are the research based articles published in this issue.

A Case Study on Ayurvedic management of PCV is also published in this issue. The Short Communications published include the cognition enhancing effect of Glycerrhiza glabra; toxicity study of nano powder of stem bark of Bauhinia Variegata; antibiofilm activity of methanol leaf extract of Azadirachta indica and the interactions of high diluted Homeopathic drugs with human serum albumin.

Published: 2023-01-31

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