Beneficiation of Goethite-Laterite Ore – An Alternative

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  • Asst. Professor, Dept. of PEES, UPES, Dehradun ,IN
  • Professor, NIT, Rourkela 769 008 ,IN
  • Dept. of Mining Engg, NIT, Rourkela 769 008 ,IN


Laterite, Goethite, Beneficiation, Roasting.


Depleting iron ore reserves coupled with increasing demand for low-alumina iron ore fines to improve blast furnace performance in terms of productivity and reduced slag rate necessitate intensive beneficiation of iron ore. The sample was collected from Barsua iron ore mine assaying 40% Fe, 9.48% SiO2 and 19.97% Al2O3. In order to produce the pellet grade concentrate multiple stages of beneficiation were opted for. Detailed characterization of the iron ore revealed that most of the impurities in the form of alumina and silica are concentrated in the finer size fractions while iron is concentrated in the coarser size fractions. Therefore, it is imperative that removal of ultrafines using a desliming operation would improve the grade. A beneficiation scheme was chosen involving desliming by simple washing, jigging followed by gravity separation. To study the beneficiation prospects of coarse particles a first stage of gravity separation by jigging is carried out. Finally, further comminution and a second stage of tabling out of all the techniques, reduction roasting was found to be the most suitable one.


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