Efficacy of crude extract of Emblica officinalis (amla) in arsenic"‘induced oxidative damage and apoptosis in splenocytes of mice



Amla, apoptosis, arsenic, mice, oxidative stress, spleen


Introduction: Arsenic, an environmental contaminant naturally occurred in groundwater and has been found to be associated with immune"‘related health problems in humans. Objective: In view of increasing risk of arsenic exposure due to occupational and non"‘occupational settings, the present study has been focused to investigate the protective efficacy of amla against arsenic"‘induced spleenomegaly in mice. Results: Arsenic exposures (3 mg/kg body weight p.o for 30 days) in mice caused an increase production of ROS (76%), lipid peroxidation (84%) and decrease in the levels of superoxide dismutase (53%) and catalase (54%) in spleen as compared to controls. Arsenic exposure to mice also caused a significant increase in caspases"‘3 activity (2.8 fold) and decreases cell viability (44%), mitochondrial membrane potential (47%) linked with apoptosis assessed by the cell cycle analysis (subG1"‘28.72%) and annexin V/PI binding in spleen as compared to controls. Simultaneous treatment of arsenic and amla (500 mg/kg body weight p.o for 30 days) in mice decreased the levels of lipid peroxidation (33%), ROS production (24%), activity of caspase"‘3 (1.4 fold), apoptosis (subG112.72%) and increased cell viability (63%), levels superoxide dismutase (80%), catalase (77%) and mitochondrial membrane potential (66%) as compared to mice treated with arsenic alone. Conclusions: Results of the present study indicate that the effect of arsenic is mainly due to the depletion of glutathione in liver associated with enhanced oxidative stress that has been found to be protected following simultaneous treatment of arsenic and amla.


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