In Vitro Study of the Nutrients, Antioxidant, Glycemic Activities, and Storage Stability of the Instant Tamarind Seed Kernel Powder Soup Mix

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  • Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Periyar University, Salem – 636011, Tamil Nadu ,IN
  • Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Periyar University, Salem – 636011, Tamil Nadu ,IN



Antioxidant, Chemical, Glycemic, Physical, Soup Mix, Tamarind Seed Kernel Powder


This study aimed to develop a soup mix using roasted tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) seed kernel powder and evaluate its physical, chemical, mineral, and sensory characteristics, as well as glycemic response, antioxidant activity, and shelf life. Four different formulations of Tamarind seed kernel powder Soup Mixes (TSM1-10%, TSM2-20%, TSM3-30%, and TSM4-40%) of tamarind seed kernel powder were used to replace corn flour, and a control group (100% corn flour) was also tested. The physicochemical, mineral, sensory characteristics, antioxidant activity, glycemic response, and shelf life of each soup mix were evaluated using standard procedures. TSM4 had the best physical properties, while chemical analysis showed that this formulation had the highest protein content (11.31%) and caloric value (404.99 Kcal/100g). TSM4 also had the highest mineral composition and the greatest levels of TFC (23.12mg/100g), TPC (14.08mg/100g), and DPPH activity (112.41%). All five soup mix formulations had low glycemic indices and low glycemic loads. Sensory analysis indicated that TSM3, which contained 30% tamarind seed kernel powder, was the most acceptable option, with an overall acceptability score of 8.04. Shelf-life evaluation showed that the Total Plate Count (TPC) and fungal growth increased significantly over time, but the soup mixes could be stored for up to 15 days. The study found that the prepared soup mixes were more cost-effective and affordable than commercial soup mixes available in the market. Additionally, the research explored the effect of processing steps on these compounds and innovation trends for developing healthier soups that cater to specific consumer requirements.


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Parameshwari, S., & Hemalatha, C. (2024). <i>In Vitro</i> Study of the Nutrients, Antioxidant, Glycemic Activities, and Storage Stability of the Instant Tamarind Seed Kernel Powder Soup Mix. Journal of Natural Remedies, 24(3), 637–648.



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Received 2023-11-29
Accepted 2024-02-06
Published 2024-03-27



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