Modelling and structural analysis of bicycle frame using FEA for different materials

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(Finite element analysis) FEA, bicycle frame, CATIA, ANSYS.


In the latest years, because of the immoderate exploitation and growing use of petroleum for energy, present day industries and transportations are contributing to the direction of emission of exhaust gases including CO2 and inflicting international warming. Bicycle is very environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient way of conveyance among the man powered vehicles and are a form of exercise with many other applications and advantages, the bicycle industries are promoting them as green products. The frame is the main component in a bicycle to support the external loads acting on it. As all the important accessories are mounted on the frame, different kinds of masses along with weight of rider, braking force, and the response from floor are immediately transferred to it. The frame needs to be strong, stiff, and lighter in weight, that is acquired through combining extraordinary substances and optimizing its structures. In this paper, the static, dynamic and fatigue evaluation of a bicycle frame is achieved to decide the life of frame, deformation, stresses, and von-misses stress appearing at the frame under loading circumstances for different materials. The frame modelling carried using CATIA V5R20 and simulation performed by ANSYS 19.0 Workbench software. From the analysis it is found that for all the cases the maximum stress is less than yield strength of selected materials, so the design is safe.


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., M., Gowda, N., D, P., & B K, V. (2022). Modelling and structural analysis of bicycle frame using FEA for different materials. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 69(12A), 240–249.
Received 2022-04-28
Accepted 2022-04-28
Published 2022-04-28



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