Sensitivity Analysis in Multiobjective Solid Transportation Problem

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  • Department of Mathematics, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous), Shivajinagar, Pune -411005 ,IN
  • Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Civil Engg., College of Military Engineering, Pune-411 031 ,IN



Multiobjective Solid Transportation Problem (MSTP), Fuzzy Programming Technique, Best Compromise Solution, Membership Function, Sensitivity Analysis, Ordinary Sensitivity Analysis, Tolerance Ranges, Symmetric Tolerance Ranges, Maximal Percentage Tolerance Limit.


In this paper, we have discussed ordinary sensitivity analysis and tolerance analysis for supply, demand and conveyance capacity values of MSTP. Our aim to develop a method to obtain the sensitivity analysis for supply, demand and conveyance capacity values of MSTP by applying tolerance approach. It allows the variations in more than one parameter simultaneously and independently without altering the current optimal basis. The method is illustrated by a numerical example.


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Paratane, P. M., & Bit, A. K. (2023). Sensitivity Analysis in Multiobjective Solid Transportation Problem. The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society, 90(3-4), 343–356.



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