Exposure to Ractopamine Induces Behavioural and Reproductive Alterations in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)





Endocrine Disruption, Ractopamine, Zebrafish


The present study was carried out to assess feed additive ractopamine for endocrine disruption in zebrafish. Male zebrafish were exposed to three different doses of ractopamine i.e., 250 ppm, 350 ppm, 450 ppm for 21 days and were observed for behavourial alterations and on mating to unexposed female zebrafish, their embryos were observed for survival and development. It showed that ractopamine was capable of inducing behavioural alterations. There was also effect on male reproduction, which has caused significant reduction in survival and development of embryos over 21 days of exposure. The results demonstrated that ractopamine has the potential to disrupt endocrine system in zebrafish. Therefore, furthermore investigation is necessary in ractopamine production areas for residual content of this drug in water reservoirs for understanding its effects, on the future of animal kind and human kind.


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