Induction of Chronic Renal Failure in Goats Using Cisplatin: A New Animal Model

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Blood urea nitrogen, chronic renal failure, cisplatin, GGT, glomerular filtration rate, goat, plasm creatinine


Cisplatin was administered at the dose rate of 30 mg m"‘2 daily intravenously consecutive for 7 days in goats. Blood samples (2 ml) were collected from each goat at ‘0' hr and then at weekly interval and centrifuged immediately at 3000 rpm for 20 min to separate plasma, which were used for estimation of blood urea nitrogen (BUN), plasma creatinine (CRT), gamma glutamyltransferase (γGT), and glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Total volume of urine of each goat was recorded, and 5 ml of urine samples were collected for estimation of GFR. Blood urea nitrogen started to increase significantly from 7 days post"‘dosing and achieved a peak on day 14. Higher values persisted up to 91 days. Plasma creatinine level was significantly higher in all samples on day 7 onwards, and it was maintained up to day 91 post"‘dosing compared to control samples (‘0' day) whilst GFR declined significantly from day 7 and attained a minimum values on day 70. GFR was almost <60% up to 91 days. The signs like emaciation, loss of body weight, and oliguria were observed. The values of all 4 biomarkers showed a chronic renal failure in goats.


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