Effect of Exposure to Quinalphos at no Observed Effect Level Dose on Rat Liver


The present investigation was carried out to determine its toxic effects of quinalphos at low dose concentration on liver in the female albino rats. Technical quinalphos (2 mg/kg body weight) was administered orally to female albino rats for 15 and 30 days respectively. There was no significant change in weight of liver in treated and control rats of both the groups. The histologic observations of the liver revealed the presence of cytoplasmic vacuolization, sinusoidal congestion, multifoci and mono nuclear cell infiltration along with necrosis in the liver. The liver enzymes ie ALT and AST were significantly decreased in treated rats of both the groups as compared to their respective control rats. Hence quinalphos even at dose concentration of 2mg/kg body weight affects liver function.


Quinalphos, Organophosphate, Pesticide, Female Albino Rats, Liver, ALT, AST.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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