Volatile Substance Abuse in Adolescents-A Growing Concern! Glue Sniffing-A Case Report


Volatile substance abuse, commonly referred to as glue sniffing, is quite prevalent. However, it is often overlooked form of substance abuse in adolescents. Most of the case reports stress on the psychosocial aspects of the substance abuse. Physicians are often unaware of the medical complications of inhalant abuse and thus the patients may present as diagnostic dilemma. Diagnosis of substance abuse is difficult and relies almost entirely on the history and a high index of suspicion. We report a 12 year old boy who had complications secondary to prolonged substance abuse and repeated history taking helped us to reach a diagnosis. The patient improved with supportive care and is undergoing rehabilitation with help of social worker.


Volatile, Abuse, Complications, Glue Sniffing, Diagnostic Dilemma.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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