Micellization of Styrene-Ethylene Oxide Block Copolymers in Solution


  • South Gujarat University, Department of Chemistry, Surat, 395007, India
  • S.P. University, Department of Chemistry, Surat, 388120, India


The aggregation behaviour of several styrene-ethylene oxide block copolymers has been studied in pure and mixed selective solvents. The copolymers are characterized by photon correlation spectroscopy, viscosity and turbidity methods. Various factors that affect micelle formation, viz., molecular characteristics of copolymers, solvent nature, temperature and inorganic and organic additives, are examined and their influence is explained. Compact polymolecular micelles formed are dissociated or destabilized with an increase in temperature, and in the presence of a second solvent or salt or an alcohol.


Homopolymers, Copolymers, Photon Correlation Spectroscopy, Micelle, Viscosity, Turbidity.

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