Adsorption of C.I. Direct Black 1 on Mercury from Different Base Electrolytes


  • Alagappa University, Department of Industrial Chemistry, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, 630 003, India
  • Central Electrochemical Research Institute, R. T. Lab, EEC Division, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, 630 006, India


The adsorption of C.I. Direct Black 1, a bisazo direct dye which is used for dyeing of cellulosic material, has been studied using a capillary electrometer from three different base electrolytes. The extent of adsorption is found to follow the order Na2SO4>NaNO3>NaCl. All the other adsorption characteristics are found to be almost similar. Its adsorption characteristics during dyeing on cotton from the three different base electrolytes have also been studied and the results are compared.


C.I. Direct Black I, Adsorption, Electrocapillary Curves, Electrical Double Layer, Interface, Adsorption Isotherm.

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