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Annamalai University


Department of Biochemistry

Pugalendi, K. V.
Rajendra Prasad, N.
Vaijayanthimala, J.

Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science

Manoharan, S.
Pavana, P.

Department of Medical Biochemistry

Sethupathy, S.
Shantha, K.

Department of Microbiology, Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital

Anandi, C.

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Chidambaram

Manna, P. K.

Department of Pharmacy

Kalaiselvan, R.
Manavalan, R.
Manna, P. K.
Mohanta, G. P.
Umadevi, S.

Division of Biochemistry, Rajah Muthaiah Medical College

Sethupathy, S.

Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology

Jagannathan, N. S.

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