Influence of Alpinia galanga Rhizomes on Cafeteria Diet Induced Obesity in Rats


  • K.L.E. Society's College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Belgaum, Karnataka, 590010, India


The present study was aimed to screen the possible antiobesity effects of ethanol extract of Alpinia galanga rhizomes in cafeteria diet fed obese rats. Obesity was induced in albino rats by feeding cafeteria diet daily for 6 weeks in addition to normal diet. The ethanol extract of rhizomes was administered at a daily dose of 500 mg/kg orally for 6 weeks. Body weight and food intake was measured initially and then every week thereafter. On day 42, serum glucose, lipids and leptin levels were estimated and then the weight of liver and parametrial adipose tissues was determined. The liver triglyceride content was estimated. The in vitro pancreatic lipase inhibitory activity of the extract was also determined. The extract produced inhibition of increase in body weight, energy intake and parametrial adipose tissue weight induced by cafeteria diet. The extract significantly reduced serum lipid and leptin levels, which were elevated by feeding cafeteria diet. In addition, the extract significantly inhibited the increase in liver weight and accumulation of hepatic triglycerides. The extract also produced dose dependent inhibition of in vitro pancreatic lipase activity. The present study concludes that, ethanol extract of Alpinia galanga rhizomes is useful for treatment of cafeteria diet induced obesity in rats.


Alpinia galanga, Body Weight, Cafeteria Diet, Antiobesity, Pancreatic Lipase, Sibutramine, Leptin.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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