Effect of Different Galactomannans on Absorption of Cholesterol in Rabbits


  • Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology, Pharmacy Wing, Jodhpur, 342003, India


Objective: The aim of the present investigation was to study the effect of different galactomannans on cholesterol absorption in rabbits. Materials and methods: Guar, fenugreek and locust bean galactomannans of # 200 having different galactose: mannose ratios of 1:2, 1:1 and 1:4 respectively and 1%w/v aqueous dispersion of these galactomannans having viscosities of 3215 ± 280 cps, 1050 ± 80 cps and 600 ± 52 cps respectively were selected for the present study. Antihyperlipidemic activity of galactomannans was studied using cholesterol loaded rabbit model. Cholesterol was administered by gastric gavage in a daily dose of 500mg/kg bodyweight, for induction of hyperlipidemia. The different galactomannans were administered in a daily dose of 250 mg/kg body weight. The study was carried out for a period of 18 days. Blood specimens were collected before commencement of study, on day 9 and on the last day. The total lipid profile in serum was determined using auto-analyzer. Results: All the three galactomannans under study showed significant antihyperlipidemic activity (p<0.05) in comparison to the control group. Guar and fenugreek galactomannans had statistically (p<0.05) a similar effect. Locust bean galactomannan had significantly (p<0.05) a lower activity in comparison to the other two galactomannans. The effects of galactomannans so observed can be explained and correlated with their galactose: mannose ratios i.e. galactomannans with a high galactose: mannose ratio like fenugreek and guar have a better effect in comparison to a galactomannan with low galactose: mannose ratio like locust bean. Conclusion: It is concluded that different galactomannans having different galactose: mannose ratios affect the absorption of cholesterol to different extent.


Galactomannans, Galactose: Mannose Ratio, Antihyperlipidemic Activity

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Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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