Ethnomedicinal Wisdom of Tribes of Latur District (Sanjivani Bet) Maharashtra


  • Dayanand College of Pharmacy, Latur, 413531, India
  • Sinhgad Institute of Pharmacy, Pune, 411041, India
  • Nulife Pharmaceuticals, Pune, 411018, India


The Sanjivani Bet also called as Wadwal Nagnath Bet is very famous among tourists and scientists because of its biodiversity and producing a very rare species of medicinal plants. The rare plants grow in the month July to September (Uttara Nakshatra). In this period Ayurvedic practitioners, and researchers from various places visit this place in search of rare plants. Hence, it is also beneficial to the local tribes as there is sharing of rich traditional knowledge. But still the ethno-medicinal wisdom of the tribes of Latur is unexplored. So this study was undertaken to discover traditional knowledge of tribes. In this paper information of 52 plant species that are used by the Kunbhi, Gawali, Gond, and other tribes is given with their botanical names, local names and family, and the parts of the plants used.


Ethanomedicine, Tribes, Sanjivani Bet, Latur District, Maharashtra.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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