Association Of Eating Habits And Body Weight Status Among The Undergraduate Trainees At A Rural Teaching Hospital



BMI, Dietary Pattern, Obesity


Background: Obesity is inextricably linked with environmental, sociocultural and behavioural aspects. The present study was conducted to examine the dietary pattern among the selected undergraduate diet interns in relation to overweight and obesity. Aim: To determine the association of dietary pattern with the BMI (Body Mass Index) among undergraduate diet interns at a rural teaching hospital. Material and methods: A Cross-sectional study was conducted involving 70 undergraduate interns using self-reported questionnaire. Results: The mean age of participants was 20.67± 0.82, Out of 70 participants, 12.8% and 18.5% were found overweight and obese respectively. A significant association was found between processed/fried foods with the high indices of BMI. Conclusion: Our findings suggested that dietary patterns high in processed foods and fried foods is associated with higher indices of obesity.


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