Role of Periodontal Evaluation in Tooth Supported Overdenture


  • Mustaqbal University, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation, College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia
  • Jazan University, Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences, College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia


Preventing a prosthodontic situation is subjective in nature and different views exist, but the principle remains same. Periodontal evaluation before commencing treatment and during follow up cannot be undermined by any means. The use of overdenture allows an individual to retain the roots of natural teeth, which by any mean are the best option to preserve the residual alveolar ridge. We present a case of an elderly patient who presented with supraerupted and rotated maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth. Four maxillary and three mandibular anterior teeth were retained and after endodontic treatment of each, a dowel post with the ball attachment was customized to fit the ‘O’ ring placed within each denture.


Attached Gingiva, Cast Restoration, Dowel, Post Space

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