Status and Distribution of Red-Backed Spider, Latrodectus hasseltii Thorell (Araneae: Theridiidae) in Gujarat State, Western India


  • AINP on Agricultural Ornithology, Anand Agricultural University, Anand - 388 110, Gujarat
  • Sayajibaug Zoo, Vadodara–390 018, Gujarat
  • 6, Patel Society, Vyayamshala Road, Anand–388 001, Gujarat



Abundance, Agricultural Crops, Distribution, Gujarat State, Habitat Association, Latrodectus hasseltii, Red-Back Spider, Western India.


Specimens of Latrodectus hasseltii were collected from Gujarat State, Western India during 1970 to July 2015. All the records of its occurrence were placed together to establish its wide spread distribution and habitat association. It showed higher association with forest (36.6%) and wasteland (33.3%) habitats compared to agricultural (23.3%) and human residential (6.6%) habitats. L. hasseltii has been recorded from 11 forest areas, out of 13 forest areas surveyed intensively in Gujarat State. Out of nine crops studied in Gujarat State, L. hasseltii was recorded only from three crops (castor, cotton and lucerne). 


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