Diversity of vespid wasps (Hymenoptera:Vespidae) in agroecosystem and forest ecosystem of Western Ghats region of Goa, India


  • Jain University, #18/3, 9th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560 011, Karnataka
  • ICAR - National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources, P. Bag No: 2491, H.A. Farm Post, Bellary Road, Bengaluru – 560024, Karnataka




Agroecosystem, forest ecosystem,Vespidae


The present study was aimed to document and compare the diversity of vespid wasps (Hymenoptera:Vespidae) in the forest ecosystem and agroecosystem located in the Western Ghats region of Goa, India. We used moericke traps for sampling and collected a total of 231 individuals belonging to 19 species, 12 genera and 4 subfamilies of Vespidae between January to December 2019. It was found that the forest ecosystem with 125 individuals belonging to 19 species, 12 genera and 4 subfamilies was rich in Vespidae diversity as compared to agroecosystem with 106 individuals belonging to 13 species, 7 genera and 3 subfamilies.


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