About Us

Welcome to Informatics Journals.

Informatics is a more than three decade old pioneer organization in the domain of information management and distribution across the higher education, research and publishing segments. Informatics already boasts of its Journal aggregator product i-Scholar, which hosts a number of Indian as well as international Journals. Informatics also owns the product J-Gate, which contains more than 40000+Journals. Now, Informatics has forayed into Publishing with Informatics Journals.

Informatics journals provides publishing support to some of the Scholarly societies or Institutes and helps them reach out to a wider audience. The Informatics Journals platform helps the author submit the manuscript online with ease and also helps them track the submission until publication.

Research activities are on the increase worldwide, this means the number of research papers being published have also increased. To ensure the submitted paper meets quality standards, the role of a peer reviewer is very important. A very well peer reviewed article ensures quality content is published.

The article processing on Informatics Journals is very simple, the Manuscript submitted by the author is Peer reviewed, and then subjected to plagiarism check using iThenticate. Only after these, the publishing cycle begins.

Benefits of publishing with Informatics

  • Informatics Journal Platform provides very simple and user-friendly interface right from submitting articles to accessing the published articles.
  • All the members of the Editorial Board of each Journal are renowned research masters and qualified professors in their particular subject area. High standard of peer review, double blind
  • Open access
  • Covers major subjects
  • Efforts to cover in major databases.
  • National & International Editorial and Author Team.
  • Authors free to hold copyrights, publishing rights.