Cyber Security Issues in Indian Economy


  • Damodar Valley Corporation, Raghunathpur Thermal Power Plant, Purulia
  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Asansol Engineering College, Kanyapur, Vivekananda Sarani, Asansol 713305


White Hat, Malware, Vulnerability.


The more we are marching towards a digital future, more prone are we to cyber security issues. As the Android phones are upgraded to 5 G, more susceptibility to cyber security issues are there. The organisation security is at stake. There are various types of attackers like – White Hat, Gray Hat and Slack Hat and organised hacking mechanism is on the way. The paper highlights on the types of malwares and how we are trapped in the network by virtue of improper knowledge. The hardware and software vulnerabilities will enable us to be prone to cyber attacks.The paper will highlight the loopholes of the existing system and suggest measures to remove the obstacles for a Economy free of cyber threats.


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