Fault line selection research of single phase grounding circuit based on improved Hilbert-Huang transform





Resonant grounding system, zero sequence current, HHT, EMD, fault line selection


For single-phase ground fault in resonant grounded power supply system, it is difficult to detect the fault line, while the existing methods have the shortcomings such as slow speed and large amount of computation. In our work the system natural oscillation wave contained in the zero sequence current is found to have opposite polarity and greater amplitude in fault line compared to that in non-fault line, and is proved to have a corresponding relationship with the first intrinsic mode function (IMF1) extracted from the same zero sequence current by empirical mode decomposition (EMD) of (Hilbert-Huang transform (HHT). Therefore, a new method for determining the single-phase ground fault line is proposed by finding the IMF1, extracted from the zero sequence current of each line by EMD of HHT, with the largest amplitude and opposite polarity compared to that of other lines. Meanwhile, EMD algorithm is improved to further enhance the fault detection rate based on the system natural oscillation wave's frequency and its attenuation trend in resonant grounding system. Simulation experiment and real data analysis indicate that the mentioned method is correct and fast.


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Li, W., Wang, C., Zhang, S., & Xu, M. (2021). Fault line selection research of single phase grounding circuit based on improved Hilbert-Huang transform. Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development, 70(11&12), 178–185. https://doi.org/10.18311/ijprvd/2020/27952