Lung Function Response to Dust in Safai Workers


  • Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Department of Physiology, Jalandhar City, Punjab, India


Introduction:Sweepers often work without proper protection and are thus exposed to harmful effects of inhaled dust.

Objectives: This study was undertaken to study the effect of dust on the pulmonary functions in sweepers working in PIMS, Jalandhar.

Materials&Methods: 60 sweepers were selected and 60 controls were selected for this study. Lung functions were performed using Medspiror computerized spirometer. The data was collected and statistically analysed.

Results: Lung functions in sweepers were significantly decreased as compared to those in controls.

Conclusions: Dust causes chronic inflammatory diseases in lungs and causes a decrease in the lung volumes and capacities.


Dust, Lung Functions, Spirometer, Disease, Vital Capacity.

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