Trichobezoar with Gastric Perforation


  • SMS Medical College, Department of General Surgery, Jaipur, India
  • SP Medical College, Department of Urology, Bikaner, India
  • SMS Medical College, Department of Physiology, Jaipur, India
  • Railway Hospital, Jaipur, Jaipur, India


Trichobezoar is a rare disorder in which a collection of swallowed hair and some undigested food particles are retained in the gut. The most common type of bezoar is gastric trichobezoar. It is frequently seen in psychiatric patients (trichotillomania). An unusual form of bezoar extending from the stomach to the small intestine or beyond has been described as Rapunzel syndrome. It may present with vague symptoms, such as anorexia, anemia, weight loss, abdominal mass, recurrent abdominal pain or symptoms and signs of intestinal obstruction. This report illustrates a 19 yrs old female who presented to our emergency department with diffuse peritonitis due to gastric perforation and found to have a huge trichobezoar. She was treated successfully by gastrotomy with complete evacuation of the trichobezoar.


Bezoar, Trichobezoar, Trichotillomania, Rapunzel Syndrome, Perforation, Gastrotomy.

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