Effect of airborne lead pollution on some avenue trees in Moradabad city.


  • Pollution Ecology Research Laboratory, Deptt. of Botany, Hindu College, Moradabad, U.P, India


The present investigation was undertaken to assess the atmospheric lead pollution on the highway and its effect on the leaves of some avenue trees. Emission of lead from the automobile exhaust contaminates soil and surrounding plants. Samples of unwashed leaves were used to assess the concentration level of lead (Pb) in plants and for the purpose the leaves of five different a venue plant species i. e. Holoptelea integrifolia , Ficus rumphii, Anthocephalus kadamba, Alstonia scholaris and Bauhinia variegata were collected from five different locations and were analyzed by ICP. The results indicate that among the plants Bauhinia variegata have the highest concentration of lead (I.SIpgg-^) at unpolluted site as well as at polluted site (4.56pgg-^) while Holoptelea intagrifolia the have the lowest (1.01 pgg'^) at unpolluted site compared to the polluted site (2.94pgg-^) possibly due to difference in plant morphology and leaf surfaces. On this basis it may be concluded that Holoptelea integrifolia, Ficus rumphii and Anthocephalus kadamba, are the resistant cultivars and may be grown as avenue trees near highways.


Lead pollution, Avenue trees, automobile exhaust, gasoline.

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