Relationship between Materialism and Financial Risk with the Mediating Role of Emotions and Indebtedness


  • Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch, Department of Management, Sanandaj, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Young Researchers and Elite Club, Sanandaj Branch, Department of Marketing Management, Sanandaj, Iran, Islamic Republic of


The purpose of this paper is examination the relationship between Materialism and Financial Risk and with the mediating role of propensity toward indebtedness and emotions so 102 private banks customers in sanandaj selected with stratified sampling by using Kocran’s formula after collecting 30 primary questionnaire and calculating final sample number. This study is an applied research and the method is correlational research component and the data collection method was a quantitative research. Measurement tools are standard questionnaire. First Face validity confirmed by related professors of university and then the content validity confirmed by CFA test and PLS software. Pearson correlation tests and SEM were used to test hypothesis relationships. Results show that there is a meaningful negative relationship between Materialism and propensity toward indebtedness and also positive relationship between propensity toward indebtedness and emotions and also propensity toward indebtedness and Financial Risk.


Banks Customers, Emotions, Financial Risk, Indebtedness, Materialism, Propensity Toward.

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