Evaluation of In Vitro Antioxidant Properties of Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Terminalia bellerica Roxb Leaves


  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Nutraceutical Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry, Faizabad, India
  • IFTM University, Department of Biotechnology, Moradabad, India


The antioxidant activity of methanolic (MTBL) and aqueous (ATBL) extracts of Terminalia bellerica leaves (TBL) was evaluated by various in vitro techniques. IC50 values of MTBL and ATBL were found to be 93 and 301 μg mL-1 for FRSA, 42 and 252 μg mL-1 for SARSA, 91 and 376 μg mL-1 for LPO, 53 and 540 μg mL-1 for HRSA, 142 and 544 μg mL-1 for FTC, respectively. RP was detected to be 2.72 and 10.49 ASE mL-1 for MTBL and ATBL. The MTBL showed better antioxidant activity than ATBL when compared with standard quercetin. TPC for MTBL and ATBL were 209.28 and 173.9 g kg−1 of GAE, respectively. In conclusion, methanolic extract of TB leaf has higher antioxidant activity than the aqueous extract and it could be a good source of natural antioxidant.


Terminalia bellerica, Antioxidant, Total Phenolic Content.

Subject Discipline

Psychiatry and Psychology

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