Variations in Hepatosomatic Index (HSI) and Gonadosomatic Index (GSI) in Fish Heteropneustes fossilis Exposed to Higher Sub-Lethal Concentration to Arsenic and Copper


  • DAV College, Department of Zoology, Kanpur, India


The effect of sub lethal concentration 1.31 ppm and 1.84 ppm for Arsenic and Copper on the Hepatosomatic and Gonadosomatic indices of the fish Heteropneustes fossilis was studied. In mature female catfish Heteropneustes fossilis on exposure to both test metals at both higher sub lethal concentration registered marked toxicological alterations and reduction in Hepatosomatic index (HSI) and Gonadosomatic index (GSI) throughout the year in exposed fish group. However in the control group fish the values of HSI and GSI in the increasing order in relation to seasonal variation to their maximum range during pre-spawning phase. The reduced values of above parameter found directly proportional to the metal concentration and duration of the exposure. The results of the present study will be useful for selective breeding programme, conservation and sustainable fishery management of H. fossilis in its natural habitat.


Heteropneustes fossilis, Sub-Lethal Concentration, Copper, Arsenic HSI and GSI.

Subject Discipline

Psychiatry and Psychology

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