Some Ethnomedicinal Plant Species of Banka District (Bihar)

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  • S. P. College, Dumka, Jharkhand ,IN
  • S.K.M. University Dumka, Jharkhand ,IN


Ethnomedicine, Traditional Knowledge, Banka District.


During the course of Ethnobotanical Exploration in Banka District a large number of plant species have been collected and identified which are used by the tribal and the villagers for treatment of various types of diseases.

The Survey was carried out with the help of Tribal Hakim/ Vaidyas and villagers which are quite herculioious work and immortal deeds in a very short period of time .The present paper deals with 30 useful plant species which are ethnomedicinally used by them . Such as they use Aegle marmelos in Jaundice, Colotropis procera in Mumps, Cassia occidcntalis in snake bite, Punica granatum is used to cure Arthritis Carica papaya is use to cure stomach ache and flatulence, Luffa cylindrica is used to cure acute fever and also is used in skin disease. Codiaecum variegatum is used to cure urinary Problems and in leucorrhoea as well. Cassia tora in sunstroke. Cassia fistula in dog bite. Cannabis sativa is taken to increase appetite. Acacia nilotica is used to cure gastric problem/ indigestion . Tectona grandis in male sterility and also is used for tooth ache, Psidium guajava is used to cure dysentery. Solanum tuberosum in skin burn.

Blumea aromatica in blood pressure, Chenopodium album is used to cure gastritis and Ehretia leavies in abortion and also is used in abdominal pain during menstruation.

In addition to these, other useful medicinal plants and their mode of administration are discussed in this communication.


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