Conservative Care in Successful Treatment of Abamectin Poisoning


  • Imam Khomeini Hospital, School of Medicine, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Department of Emergency Medicine, Sari, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Education and Development Center


Human intoxication with abamectin is an uncommon but potentially fatal cause of pesticide poisoning. In this study a 42‐year‐old man was intoxicated with 3600 mg abamectin orally. On admission patient was fully alert with the smell of the poison from the mouth. Vital signs were normal and conjunctiva was hyperemic. Conservative cares such as gastric lavage was performed and charcoal was administered. After 2.5 hours, the patient gradually developed altered mental status as drowsiness, hypotension, tachycardia and dermal erythema. He was treated with H1 and H2 blockers and vasoactive agents and after 2 days was discharged in good condition. In comparison with organophosphates, abamectin intoxication has less risk in humans. However, consumption of large amounts in human can be fatal. Altered mental status could be considered as the first sign of abamectin intoxication. Normal level of consciousness is the best indicator of improvement of the condition. Conservative treatment is recommended.


Abamectin, conservative treatment, coma, hypotension, poisoning

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