Status of Rural Librarianship - Gram Panchayat Library System in Hyderabad Karnataka Region


  • Gulbarga University, Department of Library and Information Science, Gulbarga, 585 106, India
  • Karnataka State Women’s University, Department of Library and Information Science, Bijapur, India


The paper explores the concept of rural librarianship emphasizing the relations between rural developments of the country that is directly proportional to the development of rural based Gram Panchayat Libraries for human empowerment to build information rich society. Reviews the literature on rural libraries with reference to Karnataka State and provides glimpse of Gram Panchayat libraries in Hyderabad Karnataka region and thereby shows significance of rural librarians in making the visibility of library system and the initiation on the part of Department of Public Libraries for a functional and active Gram Panchayat Libraries.


Rural Libraries, Gram Panchayat Libraries, Public Libraries.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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