Career Inforamtion Needs and Use of Library Facilities among Women Career Seekers


  • Karnataka State Women’s University, Department of Library and Information Science, Karnataka, 586 108, India
  • Karnataka State Women's University, Department of Library and Information Science, Karnataka, 586 108, India


Career information is an important and key resource for any individual to decide one's career goal. This study deals with the identification of the career information needs of and library facilities usage by women of Savanur Taluk of Haveri District in Karnataka state. Data were collected through survey method of research by using questionnaire as data collection tool from 60 educated women of Savanur. This study assesses the career information needs of women and different types of libraries used by them and it also brings out the reasons why women are not accessing the career information from libraries. Also mentions suggestions to improve library facilities to provide effective library services on career information.


Career Information Needs, Library Facilities, Women Career Seekers.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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