Study of Respiratory Symptoms in Farmers Admitted in Tertiary Health Care Institute


  • Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422003, India


Background: Farmers have a high prevalence of respiratory symptoms and airway obstruction. Respiratory problems occurs on exposure to various types of farming which are both immunologic and non-immunologic in nature. Aims and Objectives: To study the respiratory symptoms and their association with type of farming in farmers admitted to respiratory medicine ward in a tertiary health care institute. Results: Breathlessness (89.1 %) was the most common clinical feature amongst population. Exposure to organic and inorganic dust, hays, biomass fuel and pesticide were the most common risk factors associated with farming. Nonsmoker farmers also had a more respiratory symptom. Conclusion: Respiratory symptoms are the most common among farmers though smoking is a confounding factor, but it was observed that nonsmoker farmers also developed symptoms.


Farming, Non-Smoker Farmer, Respiratory Symptoms

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