A Study of Perceived Stress, Coping Strategies and Psychiatric Morbidity among First year MBBS Students of a Medical College


  • Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College Hospital & RC, Department of Psychiatry, Nashik, 422003, India


Background: Stress in medical students is a Global phenomenon. Medical curriculum is regarded as a strenuous one demanding long study hours and assimilation of large amount of knowledge. Failure to deal with stresses may be because of the maladaptive coping strategies which may lead to Psychiatric morbidity. Aims and Objectives: To study 1. Perceived stress, 2. Stress coping strategies 3. Psychiatric morbidity in first year MBBS students. Settings and Design: A cohort study was conducted in outpatient department of Psychiatry of a medical college. Materials and Methods: 119 first year MBBS student of a medical college participated in the study. They were interviewed using a Semi structured proforma. Perceived stress was assessed using Cohen’s Perceived stress scale 10 item questionnaire. Coping strategy was assessed using short form of Adolescent coping scale 2nd edition. Psychiatric morbidity was assessed by MINI 6.0.0 English version. Results: Of 119 students 22(18.49%) had Low stress, 62(52.10%) had Moderate stress and 35(29.41%) had High stress. Adaptive (Productive) coping usage (Mean = 68.84±10.87) was statistically significant than Non Adaptive (Non Productive/Avoidant) coping usage (Mean = 51.20±11.20). Psychiatric morbidity was found in 41(34.45%) students. Anxiety Disorder is most common psychiatric morbidity. Conclusions: Majority of students had moderate to high type of stress. Adaptive coping strategy was used by students to relieve stress. Anxiety disorder (15.96%) was the most common psychiatric morbidity.


Coping, Medical Students, Psychiatric Morbidity, Stress

Subject Discipline

Psychiatry and Psychology

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