Influence of Some Organic Derivatives on the Corrosion Inhibition of Udimet700 Alloy in 1 M HCl Solution


  • Delta University, Department of Basic Science, Faculty of Engineering, Gamasa, 35712, Egypt
  • Mansoura University, Production Engineering & Mechanical Design Department, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura, 35511, Egypt


In this study, the electro-chemical behavior of Udimet700 alloys is studied in acidic media at 25°C. It deals with the corrosion inhibition process of nickel–based (Udimet700) alloy in 1M–HCl solution by some organic derivatives. The methods used include electro–chemical frequency modulation technique, electro–chemical impedance spectroscopy, and potentio–dynamic polarization. The derivatives are considered as mixed–type inhibitor depending on potentio–dynamic polarization analysis. Scanning electron microscope examination is executed to study the morphology of Udimet700 surface after immersion in a solution in the case of presence and absence of derivatives. The results of this research reveal that the inhibitors are absorbed by Udimet700 alloy surface and they insulate it from the acidic medium. The compound (C16H17) among the tested organic derivatives plays the best role as an inhibitor of the alloy in 1M–HCl.


Corrosion Inhibitors, EIS and EFM, Nickel–Based Alloy, Udimet700, 1M HCl

Subject Collection

Mansoura University

Subject Discipline

Production Engineering;Materials Science; Chemical Engineering;corrosion

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