The Effect of Cationic Detergents on the Stability of Xylene in water Emulsion Stabilized by Aerosol OT


  • Agra College, Department of Chemistry, Agra, 282 002, India


The stability of the xylene in water emulsion stabilized by Aerosol OT was examined in presence of various cationic detergents viz. CTAB, CPB, CPC, TDTAB and DTAB. Adsorption parameters like interfacial tension, surface pressure and surface excess, number of molecules adsorbed/cm2 etc. were evaluated by drop volume method using Agla micrometer syringe. Flocculation was studied haemocytometrically. Rates of flocculation as well as of coalescence were calculated. The creaming was also measured in presence of these detergents. Comprising all the above parameters the effects of these cationic surfactants is discussed for the present system.

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