Influence of some Hydroxy Compounds on the CMC of Cationic Surfactants


  • South Gujarat University, Department of Chemistry, Surat, 395007, India


The effect of some hydroxy compounds on the critical micelle concentration (CMC) of three cationic surfactants, alkyl (n - 12, 14, 16) trimethylammonium bromides, in aqueous solution has been described on the basis of partitioning of these additives between the micelle and water and the change in the nature of solvent due to the presence of additive. Hydroxy compounds used were (i) monohydric alcohols with carbon chain length n=1-6, (ii) methyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, glycerol and sorbitol, as a series with varying carbon chain and each carbon containing one hydroxyl group, (iii) isomeric butyl alcohols and (iv) mono alkyl (ethyl and n-butyl) ethers of ethylene glycol.

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