Physicochemical Studies on Micelle Formation of Chromium-Aluminium Synthetic Tanning Materials in Various Environments with Reference to Application to Leather


  • Central Leather Research Institute, Chamicel and FT NMR Laboratory, Madras, 600 020, India


Conductometric and spectrophotometric results suggested that Cr-Al Synthetic tainning materials formed micelle, which, was determined in aqueous as well as in different additive environments at different temperatures: The association constants (KA) for binding of Syntan with glycine was determined and the thermodynamic parameters of the process evaluated. While urea demicellised the system, NaCl enhanced micellisation. Considering micelles as a new phase, the free energy of transfer of Syntan from aqueous to glycine, urea and NaCl were found out. It was observed that the concentration of Syntan above cmc (preferably 5 to 10 times of cmc) was useful for tanning process. The aim for the preparation of this particular Syntan was to study its fixation for initiating high shrinkage temperature and light fastness.

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